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KXJ1 Explosion-proof Control Panel

KXJ1 series mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe programmable PLC control panel, using PLC programming control. 

It is suitable for automatic control of coal mine underground water pump with explosive dangerous gas (methane) and coal dust.

It is primarily employed for directly controlling a 50Hz frequency, with a rated voltage of 1140/660V and a rated current ranging from 30 to 200A. 

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  • Technical parameters

1.The altitude should not exceed 2000 meters; 

2.The operating environment temperature -5° C ~ 40 ° C;

3.The relative humidity should not exceed 95% at 25°C; 

4.In an environment with a methane explosive mixture in the mine;

5.The installation inclination with the vertical plane does not exceed 15 °;

6.Where there is no significant shaking or impact;

7.In gas and steam environment without obvious damage to insulation; 

8.At the place without dripping;

9.Pollution level: 3 ; 

10.Installation category: III.

Enable the automatic activation of the water pump and its automatic shutdown in the absence of water (or through a counter control). This system alleviates labor intensity, reduces the pump's failure rate, and prolongs the operational lifespan of the mining electric pump.

KXJ1 Explosion-proof Control Panelg

ModelRated voltage(V)Rated current(A)Frequency(Hz)Using category
KXJ1-30/1140(660)S1140(660)3050   AC-4, AC-3