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Bombas sumergibles de gran altura de elevación
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High Head Submersible Pump

BQS/WQH high-head sewage desilting submersible electric pumps feature a built-in motor structure with the water outlet positioned at the upper part of the pump.This design facilitates forced water cooling of the motor, enabling operation both above the water level and without water. The motor exhibits excellent performance at all head points, ensuring higher reliability.

The flow range spans from 10 to 500 m³/h, with a head range of 100 to 600m and a maximum particle diameter of 12mm.

  • Main application

  • Internal structure

Wet end parts such as the impeller, guide vane, and pump body can be crafted from materials like cast iron, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and high-chromium wear-resistant materials. This diversity effectively addresses various water quality challenges. 

Applications for these pumps include mining, tunnel construction, building construction, steel production, power plants, shipbuilding, municipal services, and heavy industry.

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