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BXM(D) Explosion-proof Control Panel

BXM (D) series explosion-proof lighting control panel are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with Chinese standards:

● GB 3836.1-2010 explosive environment  part I: Equipment General requirements

● GB 3836.2-2010 explosive environment  part II: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure "d"

● GB 3836.3-2010 explosive environment  part II: Equipment protected by increased safety "e"

It is suitable for coal mines, explosives and strong corrosive place.

  • Working conditions

  • Model Description

  • Technical parameters

1.Altitude not exceed 200m.

2.Ambient temperature: - 20℃— -40 ℃.

3.Atmospheric conditions:

● The relative humidity of the ambient air should not exceed 95% at 25°C;

● In gas and steam environment without obvious damage to insulation;

● Pollution Level:3;

● Installation Category:II;

4.Where there is no significant shaking or impact.

5.It is mainly used in Class II (other explosive environment except coal mine), Class IIA  

and Class IIB. The temperature group is T1-T6 explosive environment in zones 1 and 2 dangerous places. It can be used as lighting or power branch in the lines of AC 50Hz, 220V or 380V. It also has overload and short circuit protection functions, and protection function such as leakage protection can be increased. The distribution box can be used not only for distribution or interruption of lighting circuit, but also for distribution or interruption of power circuit. It can also be used for lighting, power distribution or interruption.

BXM(D) Explosion-proof Control Panel

Model Rated voltage(V)Rated current of main circuit (A)Number of branches Total number of main circuit switchesRated current of Branch circuit(A) Ex-proof mark
BXM(D)-5380≤605NA10Exd ⅡBT6
BXM(D)-5K380≤605110Exd ⅡBT6